•«Before that, I realized that in different cultures I have lived and I have done to live this feeling again. As people and friends who live in different countries, I think that looking at the world as a citizen of the world is improving me.»
•«Unfortunately, we couldn’t get along with my buddy, we weren’t a good match, I believe. I tried to take her out for a coffee couple of times, but I think she didn’t want it, so I couldn’t resist on it. She didn’t need my help with anything. That’s why, we couldn’t get to know each other. Even though I couldn’t get along with my buddy,  I have known so many good friends from IKU Erasmus Club during the trips. I am still keeping in touch with them. Buddy program was a good experience for me to gain great friendships.»

Here is what I thought of it and what took place for me: 

My Erasmus-Semester in Istanbul was a great experience for me. I learned a lot about Turkey and myself, visited amazing places and met very nice people. The Erasmus Club at Kültür University played a big role in this experience. I met great friends there, they organized events and trips that I enjoyed very much, and my Buddy and the members of the board were always there for me when I had any problems or questions. I advise every Erasmus-Student that comes to Turkey to get in contact with ESN Kültür and to profit from the things they offer.

•«I don't know where I should start explaining buddy programme for me. Means a lot for me because I met my soul sister ''Laura''. Even though we have different culture and lifestyles we have in common many things that I can't count. The first time I have attended this programme I thought that it develops my English skills more than ever. In the light of this programme, I didn't just develop my skills pronunciation etc. I am involved in other cultures, I had an opportunity to discover the meaning of understanding another culture and language and also people.
•«Hi, I’m Merve. It was my first buddy experience and actually, I was very worried about whether I can help my buddy in the right way or whether I can communicate her well etc. But in the end, I made some awesome friends who I wouldn’t change in a million years. I want you guys to look ‘buddy’ term as a friendship; friends come around from all around the world and also every friend means a new culture. So from every aspect, it’s a very beneficial program. I want to tell one of my memories with my buddy. I wanted to welcome my buddy from the airport because she had no clue about the city.