I was an Erasmus student at İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi. 
High-quality education, a multicultural society, a rich history and the possibility of amazing travels influenced my decision to choose Turkey, especially İstanbul.
Our İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi is an impeccable learning environment. About 50 Erasmus students from all over the world came to study in the fall semester. And we were very lucky with our Buddies because they gave us so much care and friendship that helped us quickly get comfortable at the university and in İstanbul.

Being an ESNer without any doubt is the most amazing thing happened in my life, being both an Erasmus student once and an Erasmus buddy for 4 semesters allowed me to meet with people from all around the world. During my backpacking across Europe I was always meeting with different friends who I met thanks to ESN. Then when I come to Istanbul, I had a lot of fun with my students showing them the different cool places in the city and helping them around as the other ESNers did to me during my Erasmus.

•«Before that, I realized that in different cultures I have lived and I have done to live this feeling again. As people and friends who live in different countries, I think that looking at the world as a citizen of the world is improving me.»
•«Unfortunately, we couldn’t get along with my buddy, we weren’t a good match, I believe. I tried to take her out for a coffee couple of times, but I think she didn’t want it, so I couldn’t resist on it. She didn’t need my help with anything. That’s why, we couldn’t get to know each other. Even though I couldn’t get along with my buddy,  I have known so many good friends from IKU Erasmus Club during the trips. I am still keeping in touch with them. Buddy program was a good experience for me to gain great friendships.»

Here is what I thought of it and what took place for me: 

My Erasmus-Semester in Istanbul was a great experience for me. I learned a lot about Turkey and myself, visited amazing places and met very nice people. The Erasmus Club at Kültür University played a big role in this experience. I met great friends there, they organized events and trips that I enjoyed very much, and my Buddy and the members of the board were always there for me when I had any problems or questions. I advise every Erasmus-Student that comes to Turkey to get in contact with ESN Kültür and to profit from the things they offer.

•«I don't know where I should start explaining buddy programme for me. Means a lot for me because I met my soul sister ''Laura''. Even though we have different culture and lifestyles we have in common many things that I can't count. The first time I have attended this programme I thought that it develops my English skills more than ever. In the light of this programme, I didn't just develop my skills pronunciation etc. I am involved in other cultures, I had an opportunity to discover the meaning of understanding another culture and language and also people.
•«Hi, I’m Merve. It was my first buddy experience and actually, I was very worried about whether I can help my buddy in the right way or whether I can communicate her well etc. But in the end, I made some awesome friends who I wouldn’t change in a million years. I want you guys to look ‘buddy’ term as a friendship; friends come around from all around the world and also every friend means a new culture. So from every aspect, it’s a very beneficial program. I want to tell one of my memories with my buddy. I wanted to welcome my buddy from the airport because she had no clue about the city.