•«Hi, I’m Merve. It was my first buddy experience and actually, I was very worried about whether I can help my buddy in the right way or whether I can communicate her well etc. But in the end, I made some awesome friends who I wouldn’t change in a million years. I want you guys to look ‘buddy’ term as a friendship; friends come around from all around the world and also every friend means a new culture. So from every aspect, it’s a very beneficial program. I want to tell one of my memories with my buddy. I wanted to welcome my buddy from the airport because she had no clue about the city. She had nothing for me to recognize her: number, photo... the only thing that I have was her landing time and her flight number and the best way to solve this weird situation was to write her name to a paper and raise it and I did it. But I am sure that I could find her without that paper and only by her beautiful friendly smile. She was my first foreigner friend, a friend that I wouldn’t regret, a friend that I always cherish... And I am also thankful to ESN KULTUR which made the beautiful experience real. Thank you!»


Merve Kum