National Agency is one of the most crucial partners of ESN Turkey. 

Ulusal Ajans, National Agency of Turkey, aims to conduct programmes which offer financial support, education and exchange opportunities in the field of education in collaboration with other countries and international institutions. It works to contribute to mutual interaction, employment, social and cultural entrepreneurship. 

National Agency works for the youth so that they could learn, discover, realize their aims, develop personal and social skills, introduce their own culture to others while learning about new cultures, gain experience and knowledge in their specialization while studying and researching new practices.

Within the 30th Year Celebrations of Erasmus+ Programme, we work together to hold meetings and organize various events in the national level. National Agency follows ESN Turkey’s works and projects closely and supports it. We hold meetings on regular basis to exchange ideas on a better collaboration. 

Furthermore, ESN Turkey collaborates with National Agency to get better and sustainable support from the IROs of local sections.